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Controll Master's softener is very  effective in removing calcium and magnesium ions  from water. The process is done by using  cationic ion exchange resin, which promotes  exchange for sodium ions extremely  soluble. 

The Softening System consists of:

  • Softener column:  Cylindrical body closed by hubcaps  torospherical tubes made of steel sheets by the  carbon or stainless, produced as per  ASME Section VIII – Division 1.


  • Regeneration system:  Tank for regenerant solution (chloride  sodium), pipes, centrifugal pump and  electric panel.

How it works:
Raw water with calcium and magnesium salts flows
  through the column containing the cationic resin,  the exchange (ion exchange) of these  ions, by the sodium ions. When the level of  resin saturation is reached (campaign), it is  performed its regeneration, by the  passage of the sodium chloride solution.
The operation of the Softening System
  it can be manual or automated,  depending on customer demand.

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