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Professionals responsible for water and waste management have sought safe and reliable solutions to deal with the quality of the water used and its environmental liabilities, as the scenario is increasingly strict environmental laws, the need for constant operational adjustments and a conscious market in terms of what it says. respect for the proper treatment of water and effluents.

In this context, Controll Master serves companies of the most varied segments and sizes that depend on partial or total treatment of effluents outside their operations, whether due to technical, structural and environmental limitations, or that do not plan to invest in their own solutions.

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Outsourcing of water and effluent treatment plants.
Maintenance and replacement of filter beds in water treatment equipment.
Rental of equipment for water and effluent treatment.

Our services take place on 3 levels:

Performance Improvement  which provides integral assistance in all treatment processes and presents a Work Plan with the plant's needs, resources available and to be implemented, efficiency indicators and operational monitoring that allow for a new management of processes.

Retrofit/Overfit  which consist of diagnosing the current units with a structural and functional assessment, projecting compliance with new legal parameters or the reduction/growth of industry activity through the resizing of equipment and processes for the updated executive project.

Location  which includes assembly, startup and operational training.


This alternative is essential in the following situations:

  • Technical/economic unfeasibility:  effluent generation volumes or complexity make the construction of dedicated stations economically or operationally unfeasible to adapt to environmental requirements;

  • Seasonal services generally viable  in emergency situations where prior study is still required until the final project is completed, or, in temporary situations, such as construction sites. Or in cases where the decision was made to actually outsource the process without capital immobilization.

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