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Ideal equipment for total removal  of salts dissolved in water.


The Controll Master water demineralizer  removes ions (cations and anions) by using  cationic and anionic ion exchange resin, in which  exchange of cations for H+ and  anions by the OH- ions.

The Demineralization System  it's composed by:

  • Cationic and Anionic Resin Columns:

    • Cylindrical body closed by hubcaps  torospherical tubes made of steel sheets by the  carbon or stainless, produced according to standard  ASME Section VIII - Division 1.

    • Internally it has upper false bottom and  bottom fitted with disc-type crepins in  polypropylene and ion exchange resin charge  cationic type (cationic resin vessel) and charge of  ion exchange resin of the anionic type (vessel of  anionic resin).

    • The coating used is resin  monolithic fiberglass flakes base, on the  surface previously blasted to metal almost  White. This coating is only used when the  demineralization system is manufactured from steel to  carbon.

  • Externally it has maneuvering board with  valves, piping, pressure gauges and relief valve  depression. The coating used is enamel  polyurethane, on the previously sandblasted surface  to off-white metal. This coating is only  used when the demineralization system is  made of carbon steel.


Regeneration system:
Tanks for regenerant solutions, piping,
  centrifugal pump and electrical panel.

How it works:

The water to be demineralized flows through columns  containing cationic resin in the H+ form and anionic in the  OH- form, separately, the exchange taking place  of the ions (ion exchange). Depending on the quality of the  demineralized water, in some cases, it is necessary  the use of a mixed bed (resin mixture  cationic and anionic in the same column)  later the cationic and anionic resin columns.

This mixed bed column acts as a polisher,
  considerably increasing water quality  demineralized. When the saturation level of  resins is reached (campaign), if it is necessary to
regeneration of them, through the passage of the
  hydrochloric acid solution (resin column  cationic) and sodium hydroxide (resin column  anionic).
Operation of the Demineralizer System can
  be manual or automated.

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