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Effluent Treatment Station - ETE

Ideal equipment for treatment  from sanitary and industrial effluents.


The Controll Master water demineralizer  removes ions (cations and anions) by using  cationic and anionic ion exchange resin, in which  exchange of cations for H+ and  anions by the OH- ions.



Controll Master's biodisk system is a  sewage treatment technology –  also applicable to other liquid waste  industrial – with great advantages over others  technologies with similar purposes.

The theoretical principle of the biodisk system is the  even from any aerobic treatment system  of effluents, that is, to provide a colony of  microorganisms conditions to reproduce what  occurs in nature in a confined space and with  high efficiency.
The biodisk system is composed of
  polymeric material fixed to a shaft that, supported  in bearings is driven by a motor, rotating  inside a tank where the effluent becomes  treated. The surface of the discs is exposed,  alternately, to the liquid medium and to the air  atmospheric. On the surface of the discs adhere  colonies of microorganisms that then  feed on the organic material present in the  sewage and absorb atmospheric oxygen.

Through the drag forces acting on the  biofilm, that is, when the thickness goes beyond certain  value, the "detachment" of the material occurs,  enabling the formation of a new layer of  biofilm.

Before the biodisk, the effluent must pass through a  system comprising the railing,  sand, septic tank and/or UASB (RAFA).

Subsequently, a decanter should be provided.  secondary to the retention of biomass that  it comes off the discs. Biodisks produce  effluent that fully meets standards  environmental legislation in force.

Advantages of using biodisks over  similar systems:

- Low physical area required;
- Well-adhered biomass;
- No need for specialized operation;
- Good resistance to shock loads;
- Low energy consumption;
- Possibility of reusing the treated effluent.

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